My name is Tracy Valletti. I’m asking for your vote for Light Commissioner on November 2nd because I’m concerned about the health and future of our city, and with your help I want to make a change.

I’ve lived in Peabody with my husband for 30 years, and we have 3 children. As a Gerontologist and an engaged citizen, I’ve spent my career successfully making and executing plans that help vulnerable populations. I have worked as the Executive Director of an assisted living facility, where I balanced the health of our residents during COVID with fiscal responsibility. I served as an elected Library Trustee, where I worked diligently to improve and protect our beloved Peabody Public Library for future generations. I’ve served on over six different area boards and clubs dedicated to improving general welfare, from the Friends of Beverly Hospital to the Peabody Cultural Collaborative. In every instance, I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to listen to others, make a plan together, and work with my neighbors towards a better future. 

I have been an active community member, serving on the Peabody Cultural Collaborative, the Lions Club, as a Friend of the Beverly Hospital.

I never expected to run for Light Commissioner, but the proposed gas plant (known as the “peaker” plant) that the current Commission wants to put on Pulaski Street compelled me to throw my hat in the ring. As a mother and citizen, I’m frightened by the potential health effects of a fossil fuel plant in our city, especially on children and the elderly, and I don’t think they went about this in the right way. I can’t stand by as the Commission steamrolls local opposition and ignores warnings from our city’s Board of Public Health. And, while the plant isn’t the only reason I’m running, it does perfectly encapsulate the biggest issues I hope to solve once elected:

— While the plant is projected to cost us more than $85 million dollars, with little hope of a return on investment, I will use my healthcare management experience to identify and pursue savings in our energy budget, while not sacrificing quality for ratepayers. 

— While the gas plant was kept under the radar by our Light Commission for 6 years without any public input; I will increase transparency and welcome people into the process. 

I am proud to be endorsed by two environmental groups: the Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund and Friends of the Earth Action.

— And, while the Peaker plant uses hazardous fossil fuels and will contribute to the climate crisis, I will invest in renewable energy sources that keep our communities clean and pay for themselves over time.

We cannot protect our public and financial health if we continue to invest in outdated, dirty fossil fuels. Instead, let’s listen to residents and come together as a community to create a future that is clean, affordable and accessible to all. Vote for me to keep us moving forward (and stop that gas plant from taking us backwards)! 

Thank you for your support on November 2!

Contact information:

Phone number: 978-758-2036